Whispering Woods    (December 18th, 2014)


'Whispering Woods' is a collection of six light crime stories, with a mix of literary, historical, contemporary, and fantasy elements.

A Whisper So Quiet: Alec hated his wife most of the time, but he never wanted her dead. When the truth of her accident is revealed, he helps Paulina exact her revenge. Her way.

The Lady Bandit: Kasumi wanders the Japanese countryside alone, surviving any way she can. When she faces her lover’s killer at long last, she’s more than ready to take her revenge.

Hours on the Voodoo Clock: Lavergne rides beside Claude’s coffin mulling over her decision to bring him home to New Caledonia. She may well succeed at one of the most dangerous spells ever created, but she has broken one woman’s heart to mend another’s.

Proof: Ramon knew he couldn’t hide forever. When he senses his old lover-turned-enemy in the crowd, he prays he can outwit her and survive. Marta however, isn’t the young, devoted woman he trained all those years ago.

The Atrium: Stalking her ex-husband seems harmless enough to Charlotte, until she discovers she’s not the only spy on the balcony one fateful day.

Maidens of the Yangze: Jing Wei watches his beloved Mei Zhen’s body being lowered into the Yangze river. Suicide, the family say, but Jing Wei knows the truth. His only comfort is knowing he will see Mei Zhen again.

* The author has rated this book PG-16 (questionable content for children under 16).

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